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2.Retailers or vendors


1.For Shoppers

Gotitall is a Amazon type website that sells everything you can imagine all on one website.


Peace of mind shopping

How many times have you seen something on the internet that you want to buy, but never do because you just do not know who you are dealing with. There are always the same few questions that go through your head...... Are my credit card details safe? Is it a scam? Are the items genuine and not fakes? What condition will it be in when it turns up, if it does turn up? Is the item in New Zealand otherwise it will take weeks for it to arrive? Now with Got It All we do background checks to make sure all our retailers or vendors are New Zealand based and have a good customer track record. On Got It All’s internet selling site, you will be able to review the items that you have purchased and also leave feedback on the retailers you have purchased from.

One of Got it All retail site’s biggest advantages is that you will be able to buy anything you like with one checkout  without having to go to different websites and transfer monies into different accounts Got it All is one website for everything. Once you have registered you never have to enter your shipping details again. All you do is “add the items to your cart” and “go to the checkout” and pay.  A few days later your items will appear at your door step.  No worries. Too good to be true?

Let’s say for instance that you want to buy a Britney Spears CD from the CD for sale section and a Smeg washing machine from the appliance category then Lord of the Rings book from the book shop. Add it all to your cart then go to checkout and pay for it.


You will also see the different deals of the day from different retailers on our site.  We will not just have one deal going but as many deals we can get our hands on.

No more sleepless nights wondering if your items will arrive.

No more “daily deals” clogging your inbox.

You don’t have to “buy now” one item at a time or wait for an auction to close to buy a “new” product.

No more transferring money from one account to another.

You don’t have to get 20 mates before they will sell it to you.

No funny business.

Just buy it all right now from Got It All a Kiwi Site for Kiwis.





2.For Vendors or Retailers

Do you know that most of the items sold on Amazon are normal retailers like you with small websites that does not get enough hits to make a decent amount of sales?

The reason why that system works is that a person might go to Amazon from Google to buy a book, but ends up buying a lot more than what they looked for.

Let me explain. Let’s say you go to the shop to buy milk but end up buying 50 bucks worth of things, stuff you did not even need but at the time it looked nice or things you remembered you need. The same principle applies at Got it All online shopping.

A person might look for a book but ends up buying thousands of dollars worth of items from you.

To list your items on Got It All shopping can be very easy.

All you have to do is register as a vendor. Then you can list as many items as you like.

You can list your items the old fashion way, one by one.

Or you can do it via a CSV file (almost like a excel spreadsheet). If you own a website chances are good that your website will be able to generate a csv file. Once you have that file we can upload thousands of items in a matter of seconds.

You can also use a spreadsheet modified to our format.

This way you can keep easy stock of all your items.

If you already sell on some popular New Zealand websites they let you download your items in csv file format. With a small modification we can upload this file straight to Got It All.

No More Merchant Fees

When you sell on Got It All online shop you will not have to pay any online merchant fees. No more fees per sale and no more percentage merchant fees.

We will transfer the money of your sales to your account every day and later after we build a good trusting relationship we will transfer it once a week.

We do not charge a monthly fee or a listing fee. You can upload as many items and photos as you like without any charge.

We do however charge a commission: Contact us for commission fees

Selling on Got It All makes good business sense.  It has been proven all over the world and is now here for you in New Zealand.

We can arrange for you to have sole selling rights in certain categories. So get in quick.


Please Contact Us for more details.



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