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Bargain Limited Time! Head Graphene XT Cyano 135

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Squash Head Graphene XT Cyano 135The Head Graphene XT Cyano 135 is the heaviest model of the new Cyano series. Its frame weighs "only" 135 grams, which is considered the perfect weight for a Squash racket by most players. The Head Graphene XT Cyano 135 is the only model of the Cyano series that comes with a Head light balance and is therefore very easy to handle.The Head Graphene XT Cyano 135 has a large racket Head of 500 sq cm. Because of its teardrop shaped frame with long main strings arises a trampoline effect that provides you with added power. At the same time the weight of the Head Graphene XT Cyano 135 allows you to generate more racket Head acceleration during your follow through.The Head Graphene XT Cyano 135 incorporates Graphene XT technology. By adding Graphene XT in their rackets, Head is able to improve weight distribution significantly. Weight is shifted from the shaft of the racket to more functional areas such as the tip and Grip. Graphene XT has influenced the balance point of the Head Graphene XT Cyano 135 and thereby increased its maneuverability by a significant amount.The Head Graphene XT Cyano 135 also features Head’s next generation of Corrugated Technology (CT2). At the throat area of the frame long corrugated rails are incorporated to improve the overall stiffness of the racket. This results in added power and a better response at every shot!✔  new arrival✔  Head light, very easy to handle✔  large teardrop shaped racket Head✔  improved maneuverability due to Graphene XTProduct details Head Graphene XT Cyano 135
Frame weight135 grams
Beam20 mm
TechnologyGraphene XT,  CT2
Length68,5 cm
BalanceHead light
Head size500 sq cm
String pattern12 x 17
Racket coverinclusive
Coloursred / black
Target groupclub players / tournament players