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McDavid Open Patella Knee Support

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Squash McDavid Open Patella Knee Support 402- S-XXL/Rugby/Cricket/Squash/TennisThe #402 Knee Support with Open Patella is one of our most popular primary knee supports. It features an 11'' long thermal neoprene sleeve that is contoured and darted for optimum fit. The open patella area relieves pressure from the knee cap, improves comfort and flexion. Also features nylon facings on both sides. Reversible colors, 4-way stretch.Heavy duty outer facing for durability. Retains warmth, promotes healing, reduces abrasions. Sized for optimum fit.Do not apply over open wounds or if you have a susceptibility to dermatitisSize Chart: Measure around KneeSmall 12-14"Medium 14-15"Large 15-17"XL 17-20"XXL 20-22"